Top 5 Tips Getting Your Front Yard Ready for Spring.

Top 5 Tips Getting Your Front Yard Ready for Spring.

Getting your front yard for spring can improve your home’s curb appeal as well as create a warm atmosphere. Here are Huser’s Lawn + Landscape’s top five tips to help you get your front yard ready for the spring 2023:

  1. Clean Up and Tidy: Begin by clearing away any rubbish, fallen leaves, and / or dead plants from your yard. Rake the lawn to remove any leftover winter debris and ensure a fresh and organized appearance. Trim any overgrown shrubs or hedges to give your front yard a properly maintained look.

  2. Revitalize the Lawn: Spring is an ideal time to give your grass a boost. Rake the lawn to remove thatch and promote better airflow. If needed, consider re-grass seeing or overseeding in any areas that have become fine or exposed. Apply have a landscaping professional use a slow-release, high-nitrogen fertilizer to encourage and maintain healthy green growth.

  3. Add Seasonal Color with Flowers: Planting flowers is an excellent way to bring vibrant colors to your yard. Choose flowers that thrive in the spring, we recommend tulips, daffodils, pansies, and/or petunias. Plant them in flower beds, window boxes, or containers near your entryway or porch for an eye-catching display.

  4. Define the Borders and Edges: Neatly defined edging will give your front yard a polished finished look. Use an edging tool to create lines along walkways and driveways. This will make your front yard look well-maintained but also help prevent grass from intruding into other areas.

  5. Upgrade the Entrance: The entrance to your home sets the tone for curb appeal of your whole home. Making a few upgrades to enhance its appeal such as refinishing or replacing your front door, replace worn-out hardware, and clean or replace the house numbers. Add potted plants, hanging baskets, or even a bench near the entrance to create a welcoming and inviting feel.

Remember to keep on top of your regular lawn care and garden maintenance, Huser’s Lawn + Lawncare are here to help throughout the spring season to keep your front yard looking its best. Water your plants appropriately, control weeds, and trim any overgrowth to ensure a well-manicured appearance.

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