Year-Round Maintenance Contracts

Keeping Your Landscape Pristine All Year Long

At Huser’s Landscaping, we believe that a beautiful landscape is the result of continuous care and attention. Our Year-round Maintenance Contracts are designed to ensure that your garden and outdoor spaces remain in impeccable condition, reflecting your pride in your home or business no matter the season.


Tailored Services for Your Unique Landscape

We understand that every landscape has its own character and requirements.
Our suite of services is available a la carte, allowing you to choose the exact care your property needs:

Lawn Care:

Achieve a flawless lawn with our professional mowing, fertilization, and edging services designed to create a lush, healthy green canvas for your property.


Protect your soil and elevate your garden’s look with our high-quality mulch, available in a variety of colors and materials.

Snow Removal:

Ensure your property remains accessible and safe during the winter months with our prompt and thorough snow removal services.

Gutter Cleaning:

Prevent water damage and protect the foundation of your property with our gutter cleaning services.

Seasonal Plantings:

Refresh your garden’s appeal with vibrant flowers and plants selected to thrive in each season’s specific conditions.

Walkway, Stoop, and Patio Care:

Keep your hardscapes clean and well-maintained with our cleaning and sealing services, extending their life and beauty.

Irrigation Services:

From spring startups to fall winterizations and regular check-ups, we’ll ensure your irrigation system operates efficiently.


Maintain pristine beds and borders with our diligent weeding service, ensuring that your plants receive all the nutrients and space they need.

Leaf Removal:

Avoid the mess and hazard of fallen leaves with our efficient removal services, keeping your property neat and safe.

Tree and Bush Trimming:

Shape up your landscape with our trimming services that not only enhance the appearance of your plants but also promote their health and growth.

Why Huser’s Landscaping?

Choosing Huser’s Landscaping means selecting a fire-fighter owned partner dedicated to bringing your outdoor dreams to fruition. With years of experience, our expertise lies in not just designing and installing landscapes but in crafting experiences that last a lifetime.


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